Bible Question of the Week

July 5, 2020

Today's Old Testament reading is the familiar story of Abraham's servant finding a wife for Issac.  This story illustrates starkly how different ancient society was from how we live today.  Can you imagine a modern father sending a trusted employee to get a wife for his son?  Or a young woman who would happily leave her family with a complete stranger and travel far from her home to a marriage agreed to by her father and brother to a man she had never met?  Or a young man who would marry the woman the servant said was chosen for him by God and as the Bible says, love her?  Today's notion of love is that it is a feeling that you either have or you don't.  In this instance it seems love is a commitment that one accepts.  We know that God loves us even though he is not always pleased with us.  Today's question to ponder is how should we demonstrate our love for Him even when our circumstances tempt us to be angry with God?