Bible Question of the Week

March 15, 2020

Today's New Testament reading is from Mark 10:13-16 which is the story of Jesus and the little children, or in some translations infants.  This same story appears in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke as well.  It says that Jesus was indignant (or very displeased) with his disciples and rebuked them for trying to turn the children away.  This scolding probably made quite an impression on the disciples.  The disciples were trying to enforce some needed crowd control and got chewed out by their master.  Why did Jesus say they should let the children come to him to be touched and blessed?

Jesus made this a teaching moment by likening the attitude necessary to enter God's kingdom to that of a little child.  We are told to receive and accept and welcome the kingdom as a little child accepts a gift from a trusted parent.  Do we truly welcome and actively pray for the coming of the kingdom as we say in the Lord's Prayer each week?